Insurance Claim Help

You are in good hands when you choose Foley Contracting, LLC. We've developed the guide below to help you file an insurance claim on your home. We've dealt with hundreds of claims and are happy to assist you in filing your claim!

Understanding the insurance claim process:

Step 1: Inspection – Call Foley Contracting, LLC to do a thorough damage inspection before calling your insurance company.

Step 2: Filing an Insurance claim – After verifying that your home has significant enough storm related damage, our HAAG certified technician will recommend contacting your insurance company to file a claim and will supply you with all photos taken at the inspection.

Step 3: Adjustment – Once the claim has been filed, an adjuster will be assigned to your claim. Make sure to contact Foley Contracting, LLC with the date and time of the appointment with your insurance adjuster. The adjuster and our technician will inspect your property together. This process takes an average of one hour to complete.

Step 4: Paperwork (Scope of work) – Upon approval the adjuster will create a scope of work for Foley Contracting, LLC to use as the initial estimate to get the work started. As with any insurance claim there may be extra items that were missed or unforeseen at the time of the adjustment. Your Project Manager will negotiate directly with your insurance company to provide all necessary documentation and proof of damage to reach an agreement on final repair costs.

Step 5: Payment - You'll have no out of pocket expenses aside from the amount of your deductible.

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